How did others manage with burnout?

coaching_presentation_300x200We invite you to read about burnout cases as well as about solutions that has been applied. Every one of these people suffered from excessive long-term stress but finally managed to find out a way out. Maybe you will see some references to your situation. If so we encourage you to get familiar with some simple coaching exercises that you can complete by yourself. If you find out any questions or conclusion that you would like to be consulted fill free in contacting us wherever you are.

  • Andreas (age 39)

    “…to admit boundaries … “ – Andreas Krause (age 39), Andreas, project manager for innovations management of the IT department, his work-week consists of 80-90 hours, and he also invests time on the weekend. Lately he feels tired and exhausted, at night the thoughts of the next day keep him awake, he catches colds more often, which he doesn’t

  • Harald (age 39)

    “solver of all problems…” Harald Werner (age 39), Chief of the IT department of a large electronic company, “I had no motivation, could neither read nor watch television, wasn’t even in the mood for talking to anyone on the phone. I wasn’t interested in anyone or anything.” The workaholic and single father had ignored the many early warning signs.

  • Gloria (age 41)

    “…it all gets too much…” Gloria Weber (age 41), Project Manager of an IT change process at an international bank, Over the past 8 months she has increasingly experienced sleep disorders and difficulties concentrating; she has the feeling “it all gets too much”. She is repeatedly sick but doesn’t take much time off to recover as she is

  • Kathy (age 41)

    “…I was already totally exhausted…” Kathy (age 41) Financial director, I was already totally exhausted, I was sleeping during the whole weekends and started to be ill. After one month absence I was in a good shape but within four days at work everything returned…

  • Cecillia (age 53)

    “…My ineffectivity made me angry at myself…” Cecillia (age 53), Coach/therapist, I was working harder and harder and with declining productivity. My ineffectivity made me angry at myself and sharp for co-trainers. I stopped to fall asleep quickly and easily though was really tired…

  • Paul (age 40)

    “…relation with my “historic” girl-friend colapsed…” Xavier Palento (age 40), Owner of famous pub, Mr. X.P. was forced to face the situation: less personal reports (social, familiar, with friends), no more love relations, bad communication with the staff, car accidents, big problems on the job. All these thinks were signals of a deep physical and mental brake-down; a no

  • Yasmine (age 52)

    Yasmine Cox (age 52), Teacher, Mrs. Y.C. started to be very irritable, to sleep badly, very often she is inattentive: one day, while she was in the kitchen, she cut one finger with a knife and she was forced to run to the hospital; another day she was not able to avoid a sudden movement of a hyperactive kid

  • Zola (age 45)

    Zola Hatmanow (age 45), Researcher
    She is a researcher in one of the Italian universities. She started this work about ten years ago with a very unstable position and she was happy to enter such an important institution after a few years of continues changing from a company to another. She earned less than before, but she have had

  • Patricia (age 34)

    “…she couldn’t see an end of her ‘to do lists’….” Patricia a 34 year old lawyer worked hard whilst raising her son and keeping a fairly busy social life. Recently, she started feeling down and exhausted when at work. Every day she left her work dreading coming back. She felt like all the tasks were weighing on her and

 *All personal data was changed due to privacy protection.