Complementary methods – burnout self care

Knowing that you are here we can assume that you have some doubts about the quality of your professional life and/or private life as well. You probably have completed the Freudenberger test and you know that some areas of your functioning need your attention.

dziewczyna uśmiechniętaWhat we would like to offer you in that situation is to make some auto coaching. You can coach yourself by doing some of the exercises given HERE. A good idea is to do them one by one in the given order. It will inspire your thinking about your situation, it will broaden your perspectives and support you in switching on your creativity in looking for a solution. Coaching might give you enough insights to move on and put new ideas into effect. In more “advanced” burnout situations it can show you that there are solutions and you can decide what kind of remedies you’re going to try, experience, become expert…

You may find as well that professional help is needed and you can look for it in an easy way having access to the information and what is possible in your situation. You can also contact us to take advantage of coaching to build the best way of recovery that fits your thinking strategies and your life conception. Welcome!

What to do in order not to burnout?

This is a doctor’s advice on how to divide your time to stay healthy. Treat it as a reference point and keep in mind approaching it.

8 hours

8 hours

8 hours


Private life


Your attitude towards job

  • set ambitious but realistic goals
  • put stress on creating visions of solutions instead of black scenarios
  • divide goals into small steps
  • watch small positive changes
  • celebrate achieving small successes
  • delegate tasks
  • share responsibility
  • widen your perspective by asking people why they do what they do
  • ask people for feedback
  • ask for help

Your time outside job

  • share your concerns and joys with a close person to you
  • cultivate relationships with other people
  • take care of your interests, hobbies
  • take care of your balance and your health
  • take the pleasure
  • relax
  • sleep long enough
  • have a sense of control over your own life
  • refuse to fulfil someone’s request, if it is too burdensome for you
  • ask for help
Develop abilities which help in preventing burnout

  • assertiveness
  • communication skills
  • planning and time management
  • resistance to stress
  • cooperation with emotions
  • or looking at it in a different way

What you can do to support a natural flow of life (burnout self care)?

Where can you find support in these areas?

Physical level
Fill the body with oxygen

  • fitness, gymnastics
  • walking, climbing, running, marathon, dancing…
  • yoga, qi-gong, thai-chi,
  • sports; swimming, skiing, cycling…
  • all types of massages, sauna, jets,
Help body regain strength

  • healthcare
  • dietician
  • physiotherapy
  • fitness centers
  • workshops teaching breathing
  • techniques
  • individual trainings to build
  • proper physical posture
Emotional level
Feel good

  • watching comedies, cabarets
  • listening to beloved music
  • realising one’s hobby
  • connecting with people staying in a good mood
  • staying in contact with beauty, art, nature
  • expressing emotions through artistic activity (painting, dancing, patchwork, modelling…)
Learn to deal with emotions

  • psychotherapy
  • trainings
  • art therapy
  • support groups
Mental level
Concentrate, manage the thinking process

  • relaxation
  • creative, inspirational visualization,
  • meditation, contemplation, prayer
  • inspiring reading
  • singing, declamation
  • writing, creating poetry,
  • creating arts
  • concentration on sports,
  • concentration on any engaging activity…
Calm mind – learn concentrating

  • meditation, focusing, relax centers
  • biofeedback
  • trainings of positive thinking/attitude in life
Spiritual level
Observe life from a wider perspective

  • looking at actual situations from a big distance, for example from galactic perspective
  • checking today’s situation in a big time frame, for example from death point
  • finding patterns, rules,
  • looking for secondary gains
  • including excluded behaviours, beliefs, values, people…
  • honouring predecessors at work, in life, in creation…
Creation forces – Mystery outside our understanding

  • social projects
  • environmental efforts
  • charitable activities
  • meditation groups
:: Please complete Burnout self test to find out where you are 
:: Begin with safe and free coaching on-line
:: Ask for assistance and contact professional coach