Coaching or (and) Treatment of burnout

Dealing with burnout needs complex activity. The main goal at the beginning is to find out what are the symptoms of burnout that are already present in your life functioning. Then you need to build the strategy of dealing with causes of your state.

Coaching or (and) Treatment of burnoutBurnout is a multiple stress reaction, marked by considerable exhaustion symptoms at the physical, psychic and spiritual level.

In first stages of burnout (1,2,3,4,5 on the scale of Freudenberger) coaching might be a sufficient support to find solutions. It can guide to build your inner strength to resist stressors, to develop abilities such as time management, delegation of tasks, assertiveness…, to increase your sphere of influence in job place, to prepare you for changing your job or even career path and many other goals that will appear during sessions with the coach.

In the further stages of burnout (5-12), it is recommended to look for help on many levels. Therefore a team of doctors, psychotherapists, coaches, supervisors, trainers, mediators, management consultants, experts in the fields of economics and marketing, attorneys and representatives from the area of complementary medicine should work together in an interdisciplinary way. In higher Burnout levels, a clinical stay is often necessary and should be followed by an ambulant treatment of burnout as described before. In that situation, coaching is a supportive tool to create the strategy of overcoming burnout. Its main goal is to support you in looking for key areas that need your attention and to set criteria for right professionals and suitable ways of conduct that will suit your predispositions, talents and forgotten dreams. In addition, staying in contact with the coach during your recovery can make your path much more vivid, conscious and felt as a path of many deep successes.

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